13 times Above & Beyond has hit us right in the feels

For two consecutive years I have been attending Above & Beyond in India during this time of the year. Since last year, my A&B spell has been broken because of my slavery to consumerism and corporate world. But, that doesn’t stop me from hoping to see them live sometime soon 🙂

Above & Beyond with their music has melted the coldest of hearts out there! Their music has also been mocked by some, terming it as ‘CRY-TRANCE!’ I don’t know why people Electronic Music fans have this habit of mocking other artists & fans…

Anyways, their music binds people together, for real. I have met so many incredibly beautiful souls because of Above & Beyond. Their emotionally, power packed performance will leave you with a tingling sensation and high hopes in your heart for your life. Their live messages on the LED screen will make sure you are inspired, you meet new people, you will work towards your dreams, you have the control of your life and you will be ok!

Thank em’ good vibes and Tony, Jono, Paavo from the bottom of my heart.

Check out these 13 live messages from Above & Beyond’s gig which will leave you with massive amounts of positive vibes –

1. There’s always a right time and right place for Group Therapy.

2. Share your music, share your emotions 🙂

3. Music indeed is…

4. Meet new people, make new friends.

5. Do it now!

6. Never ever

7. Always follow your heart!

8. Yes it is!

9. They will always stay in our hearts.

10. Always keep in touch.

11. Peace begins with a smile 🙂

12. Indeed…


13. Oh yes!

If you know somebody who is losing hope every passing day share some Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy with them. It will definitely help them in some way or the other. Make this world a better place to live.

Spread smiles, spread happiness ❤

Wish you all a Happy New Year 🙂

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