Art of Getting Butthurt

Off late, I have realized that we Indians just love getting outraged on smallest of issues and get butthurt on everything possible. We are super weird as we come up with strangest of logic for things and we are instigated to put up our darkest masks ever.

Here are the latest topics that you can choose to get butthurt on –

 1. Sonu Nigam tweeted out saying –

Seems legit. I don’t like loudspeakers from mandir and masjid going bat shit berserk early in the morning. Don’t you think it’s an intimate affair between God and the human.


2. Anthony Pompliano, an ex employee of Snapchat made false claims against the CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel says that “Snapchat is only for rich people and that he doesn’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

Apparently, Anthony Pompliano made this false accusation just after he joined Facebook #JustSaying

3. A 19 year old was killed in Delhi and the most obvious reason for his death are African Nationals, of course!

According to people in Delhi, African Nationals residing in India only deal in drugs and also they are cannibals. They eat humans because FUCK LOGIC.

4. Army booked by Police for tying a man in front of their jeep.

Because for a change Army trolled the stone pelters community, big time!

5. A man was killed in Haryana for carrying a cow with all the required documents to transport a cow he bought from a fair in Jaipur.

A cow’s life is more important then a human life, obviously!

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