Budweiser X Boiler Room party: The Mumbai Experience

I have been a crazy fan of Boiler Room parties traveling all around the world for a very long time. And finally, Budweiser gets Boiler Room gig to India with Indian acts like Sandunes, Oceantied, Dash RHL opening for the deviant British musician & producer Darren Cunningham widely known as Actress.

The Boiler Room gig was at antiSOCIAL, Khar, Mumbai and entries for the gig was by invites only.

I didn’t get the invite until 2 PM on the day of the gig and finally an email pops up stating that my name is on the list with the details. A SUCCESSFUL RSVP! I think I was not that happy when I passed my 6th Semester with no KT in Math.

Finally, I reached to the venue on time, decked up with few drinks and entered the venue.


Boiler Room Boiler Room

I was surprised to see Mumbai people reaching the venue before by 8 PM. And the journey started off with…

8 PM: Sandunes performing LIVE

She kicked off the party vibes, just perfectly! Heads raving, waists swaying and some serious wrist work by the pretty lady on her keyboard and drum pads got everybody baffled with What’s Next?

9 PM: Comes the wave of brewing times – OCEANTIED

This boy from Bangalore, S-L-A-Y-E-D it!

Check this fine artist at work behind the sets & Sandunes warming up here:


10 PM: Dash RHL hits the set

Started off with cool, soothing Indian Mantra music and went on to the stomping tribal vibes and adding some ghetto blow to it. I can’t even… begin to describe how good he was behind that console. Loved the way he transfused his energy into the crowd, track after track after track. You gotta check out this serious beat machine:

11:20 PM: Comes the British storm – Actress

Never explored his music much before except for one of his tracks called SENORITA and his Boiler Room set. So yes I was in for a surprise! He started off with some Detroit techno beats and escalated it to 1980s house music. And man, he was playing live on VINYLS! I literally lost it, watching him throwing those records around LIVE and making sure that nobody in the house stops dancing. Dance with this man-at-work here:


Hats off to Budweiser X Boiler Room and team for pulling off an amazing hassle free gig. Looking forward to more such experiences.

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