My big audacious dream for India

My big audacious dream for India.


An India with real human beings as it’s citizens, understanding the difference between human beings and beasts.

An India where the time of the clock doesn’t define the character of a girl.

An India where statements by politicians doesn’t gets us stuck in a medieval time warp.

An India where humanity is not decided upon the caste, creed and religion of he people.

An India where freedom of speech is an entitled right of a citizen and not subjective to any other aspect.

An India where people shouldn’t be afraid of government and it should be the other way round.

An India where woman are not sex objects.

An India where a no means a no.

An India where Digitization and Globalization are not just technological and economical terms.

An India where citizens are entitled to information and the wealth of knowledge.

An India where NGOs make the people/country’s future brighter and not make the country’s future darker.

An India where millions are spent to build cities, future and not statues.

An India where slavery is not practiced in form of debts.

An India where young minds have a pen in their hands and not arms, ammunitions.

An India where terrorists are killed by education.

An India where caste doesn’t decide academical admissions.

An India where eating beef is not a bigger offence than raping woman.

An India where schools and colleges are actually where kids learn.

An India where rich are more generous than poor.

An India where loyalty is not just a tattoo, love isn’t just a quote and lying is not the new truth.

An India where politicians doesn’t burn the country down.

An India where greenery and gardens are real anti-depressants.

An India where people fight against the destroyers of the country and not the creators of the world.

An India where relevant information is feeded to kids and not just Pythagoras Theorem.

As we move forward to 2017, I have my hopes up for the country and also my own future. The Bangalore Mass Molestation incident has bring us back to square one in the medieval era. It’s even more sad when politicians and ministers are calling it a normal event.

Please share this with a new person and add one more goal of your own. Try to work towards making our country great and a better place to live.


‘Because our unity will finish their little game!’

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