Boris Brejcha, Ann Clue, Deniz Bul

Rave Rhapsody: Boris Brejcha Experience

After delivering the most exhilarating year for underground scene in India in 2016 with getting best foreign acts as well the top notch homegrown artists. Ankytrixx and Friends Entertainment better know as AFE along with Starlight Entertainment delivered one of the best techno sleepless nights Indian crowds must have ever witnessed. Boris Brejcha as the headliner act on 23rd December -24th December, 2016.

Imagine a gig that starts at sunset and goes on till the sun rises in, that too in India.

Boris Brejcha ft Ann Clue & Deniz Bul.

supported by Raghav Holla, Folic State B2B Audio Glitch, Arpan & Moon Roots Project.

So the gig starts at 8 PM. I was at work, got late and entered the venue by 10 PM.

10 PM: Folic State VS Audio Glitch

These guys started off with some spirited bass lines and crazy mods in their sets. I like to call it sci-fi techno! Imagine Transformers meets Techno. Yeah, that’s right!

The boys perfectly warmed up for the beautiful and a mettlesome Ann Clue.

Ann Clue

12 PM: Ann Clue starts the levitation process

Ann Clue takes us off with deep sounds, hard basses and some straight forward ‘on-the-face’ tracks. Her set was pretty amazing, she kept dropping some ssserious hard hitting melodies and dancing with the crowd. Her interaction with crowd was just pure love.

In a way, her set was like an imagination – How Beautiful a Unicorn May Look?

When you actually see it for the first time, you find out that it’s 100x more than what you expected.

Her smiling face and goofy dance moves at the booth just swept my heart away ❀

Boris Brejcha

1:30 AM – 2 AM: The Joker – Boris Brejcha makes his way on to the stage

Boris Brejcha created his own genre, termed it as High-Tech Minimal. A blend of minimal and electro!

Structured with countless playful variations. Main elements in his music are a pumping bass foundation, driving percussions, melodies and unexpected turns in the arrangement of a track. Each track tell it’s own tale with innumerous disparities.

If sound can be seen or visualized in form of colors, his set yesterday would have formed a beautiful black veil in the sky ready to calm you down like the first rainfall of the season in Mumbai after hot and humid summers.

That experience was surreal! I don’t think so I have ever experienced such feeling ever in my life while listening to music. Kudos to this man!

Deniz Bul

4:30 AM: The always smiling and raving Deniz Bul takes up the higher responsibilities

Deniz has a very different style of playing!

  1. He uses CDs for his sets.
  2. He knows his tracks inside out.
  3. He doesn’t care about any authority whatsoever. He plays on his own volume πŸ˜‰

This guy started playing with crazy insane minimal beats and carried it to the darker side with some classics like Sweet Dreams. Just loved the way he selected his tracks and kept on dancing and interacting the crowd.

The boy made sure nobody leaves the dance floor and he screwed everybody’s back with last 2 hours of dancing. Played on till 6:10 AM, wanted to go on till 8 AM but it’s ok. We got enough dosage of brilliant music to last for a long long time haa!

The house was jam packed and why not! Special mention to guys at AFE & Ark – Courtyard By Marriott.

Signing off with a very bad lower back pain & hoping for more gigs like these in future πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh my god 😍 Thank you very much for this lovely words. We had so much fun ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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