Rave Talks with Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha is a known name across the world when it comes to Techno music and creating his own genre called ‘HIGH TECH MINIMAL.’ A DJ wearing a mystical mask and dropping some serious dark, grimy tunes making sure that nobody stands by but dances all the way!

We got a chance to speak to Boris Brejcha and chat with him ahead of his performance at Vh1 Supersonic festival in Pune on 10th Feb, 2017.

Check it out –

1. Firstly, many congratulations on delivering an electrifying 2016 with 100 shows across the world including stand alone gigs to record label nights. How does it feel?

Boris: Thanks. Actual it feels good to know that so many people around the globe like to hear you. Of course – some days it could be really stressing to travel around but in the end it is the best job you can have.

2. What’s the vision for 2017? What can we expect out of Fckng Serious Record Label and Boris Brejcha in 2017?

Boris: My biggest vision is to bring my ‘Boris Brejcha Showcase’ to different countries. We started with this showcase for the first time in Brazil:

Performing my DJ set with individual visuals for each track I play on a huge LED screen, together with synchronized external lights and spots. This package makes the experience to listen to my music really special. Beside that we are focused on doing more Fckng Serious Label Nights around the globe and to push my label artists Ann Clue, Deniz Bul and Theydream. In two weeks I already will come out with my next release ‘Space Gremlin’ which will be very huge.

3. Are you excited to play at Vh1 Supersonic? In December you did a 5 city tour in India how do you find the Dance Music scene here?

Boris: Of course I am. It will be my first time playing on such a huge festival in India. That feels really crazy! I am super happy to do this. Our last Tour with our Fckng Serious Crew in India was super nice. We had so much fun. Every single party was great and the people in India are so warm welcoming. We loved it so much and we hope that we can come back a lot more times.

4. You started producing electronic music and playing musical instruments at a very young age, who was your inspiration? At what age did you take the decision that you want to produce your own music and startoff with techno?

Boris: My first inspiration came from a German based radio station called RPR1. One time a week they played electronic music for around 2 hours. It was the very first time that the radio was playing this kind of music. This was interesting for me. So many unheard sounds beside all the normal drums and guitars. When I was 12 I started with one of the first Cubase versions on a PC. I was totally in the mood to become a famous Trance DJ – like Paul Van Dyk or Armin van Buuren. After a few years I met a very good friend and he was already producing Techno and Minimal. This became my final chapter because this kind of music was even more interesting than Trance and that’s why I changed to Techno till today.

5. Can you elaborate the concept of this new genre you created called HIGH TECH MINIMAL?

Boris: High-Tech Minimal is the intelligent music of tomorrow. It is a combination of minimal and electro. Playful, with countless variations, but still has a structure. The main features are a pumping bass foundation, driving percussion elements, crazy sound effects, melodies and unexpected turns in the arrangement. Each song tells a story with an incredible amount of variety.

6. You formed your record label FCKNG SERIOUS in year 2015, how did you come up with this name?What’s the story behind this?

Boris: True. It is a small and funny story. Actual we did not had any idea about a name for my own label. Just stupid ones. One day I was in the studio with Deniz Bul – it was our first time ever producing a track together. We were searching for a good vocal and later we came up with the slogan ‘R U Fucking Serious.’ Since that point we loved this slogan so much and we were asking us, why not using Fckng Serious as our label name. It is short, simple and massive because everybody can remember.

7. How did you meet Deniz Bul and Ann Clue? How did you sign them up for Fckng Serious?

Boris: Deniz was writing me a message on Youtube, 7 years ago. He was asking me to join him for a coffee. We were living in the same city and so this was really simple to take the coffee together. Once we met each other, our relationship was born. From one point to another we understood each other like we knew us for almost hundred years. That was cool. One year before that I met Cora (Ann Clue) on MySpace. MySpace was a huge platform for music lovers in the past years. Cora (Ann Clue) is a simple and smart person and so we decided that she is doing my management.

8. Boris, you are nearly booked out for the whole year? How do you manage to produce tracks and DJ mixes in such tight schedules?

Boris: That’s true and really hard to manage. The work of my Manager and Booking Team is to focus and book gigs only on the weekends – Fridays and Saturdays. Most of the times this is working well and so I have free time for doing music during the week from Monday till Thursday.

9. You are always seen wearing a mystical mask during your performances, can you tell us the reason behind you selecting on this specific mask? Does it represent or signify something?

Boris: That’s simple. My very first DJ gig in my life was in Brazil. I was thinking about to do / be something different as there are so many DJ’s already out there. In that time I was thinking about the Carnival in Rio De Janeiro and that a lot of people are wearing masks. That’s where I decided to use a Joker mask. Since then I use it. I think it is a good way of performing on stage. It makes it really special together with the music and all the lights.

10. On an ending note, you know many Indian producers are now starting to make a mark on the global scene, do you have any message for the young aspirants?

Boris: Just stay as you are and do what you love. When you love what you do then I am sure a lot people on the planet will be with you. Work hard on your career and I am sure one day you will reach your goals.

Boris Brejcha is performing at Sonic Realm (mainstage) at Vh1 Supersonic on 10th February. Set timings are 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM (IST)

Be there! See you on the sunny side 🙂

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