Rave travels to Enchanted Valley Carnival 2016

The 2 day extravaganza at Enchanted Valley Carnival was just too cosy for me! With the silent after parties, camp sites, genre specified grand scale stages, the huge tarmac area for free falls and other activities. For me, it was like a kid got the best cradle to chill amongst all the other kids.

Season 4 of EVC witnessed some kick ass performances by artists like Arijit Singh, Flo Rida, Alan Walker, Blasterjaxx, Chris Liebing, Hot Since 82, Farhan Akhtar and many more.

It was not just the power packed performance of the artists but also the vibe, the people & the feels of the festival. I like to call it a ‘TOWNSHIP FESTIVAL.’ It’s like everything for you in one single area, away from the hassled city.

One of the best part at Enchanted Valley Carnival is that all the stage logos looked liked Power Rangers’ elements logo and how cool is that! Check it out –

Enchanted Village – My first camping experience

I got luxury tents for 4 and man, it was amazing! On the last day, I didn’t want to leave because it was so snuggly and warm. A royal air conditioned Bedouin tent with 4 beds and attached toilet-bathroom with running hot water. After those dancing sessions of 7-8 continuous hours I can’t put together words to express how how much I adored that bed and the duvet.

Along with the tents, we received a welcome kit with all the essentials like hand wash, paper soap, shampoo, bathing soaps, cookies, fruit juice, water and towels, etc. Pretty cool and convenient for last minute travelers like me.

Gobble Gobble Gobble – Food & Beverages

A food court was designed with an Absolut Bar in the middle to tipple and food stalls on either sides of the bar to serve your food cravings.

There were different food outlets like Maroosh, Faasos, Torrp it up, Bachelorrs, Only Parathas, etc. which served freshly cooked yummy food.

There were enough number of bars throughout the festival grounds. No problem in getting your refills or another drink. Alcohol prices were pretty much reasonable at a festival with beer starting at Rs. 200/- and hard drinks starting at Rs. 450/- per peg with aerated drinks.

Look hot & sexy – Fashion

Enchanted Valley Carnival saw a fair share of spectacular fashionistas at the valley. From crop tops to jump suits to sando vests to skirts to denims to white sneakers and what not!

It was quite an amazing view with such beautiful people around jumping, dancing, eating, romancing and singing along with singers. Just search for #AEVC2016 or #EVC or #EVC2016 on Instagram 😉

I regretted not taking my camera there :/

Let’s dance – Music

The highlight of the festival were sets by Hot Since 82 & Chris Liebing. I danced like a hooligan turned crazy fuck as they played a valiant set with really hard bass lines. Hot Since 82’s set is a benchmark for me when it comes to techno gigs now.

I even attended live performances by Arijit Singh, Flo Rida and Shirley Setia as well and I really loved it.

The one of the most awesome moments was when Flo Rida dabbed with the crowd at the end of his set and Arijit Singh performed his 2016 hits, Agar Tum Saath Ho and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil live with the Symphony Orchestra.

*still trying to get over it and return back to the normal world*

Hello there – People

It felt like 1000s of people came together with souls connected and ready to fly!

The vibes on ground was surreal. Met so many known faces, made lots of new friends and had a gala time at the camp site. I’d love to thank Budweiser for giving me this experience. Keep it up, folks! I am visiting EVC next year for sure.

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Till then, #RaveTravelsEVC signing off 😉

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