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#RaveTalks: Tête-à-Tête with DJ Marky at Vh1 Supersonic 2017

Amidst the crazy and thunderous bass lines at Laboratoire at Vh1 Supersonic, we happen to sneak into the backstage with couple of Buds and bumped into the subliminal DnB warrior DJ Marky. Marky had to go onto the stage in between our conversation but as gentle he is he came back to continue our in-depth conversation about life, travel, music and scene in India.

Q1. Back-to-back travelling and hectic schedules for the shows all around the world, what keeps you raving and partying constantly? What keeps your energies up all the time?

DJ Marky: I think the passion and love for the music, of course. I love my job and when I chose and I realized when I was young, I didn’t know that my career is gonna be like this.For me, it’s a privilege. I wanna thank god for this. Many people wants to be where I am today!

Q2. You said you never knew your career is never going to be like this, so when did Drum & Bass actually came into the picture?

DJ Marky: Drum & Bass came in lately. You know, like in late 90s. Earlier I used to play Funk n Soul then hip-hop then house, acid house then techno and then in 90s I heard Prodigy and all the raver stuff. That’s what blew my mind. The UK music. I just went like OH MY GOD! This is really good, this is amazing. The energy, synths, melodies, EVERYTHING. I jumped into jungle, jungle bass. It’s quite a normal process to be honest.

Q3. Your album names are quite abstract in terms of names and music style. So do each of your albums have different story?

DJ Marky: For me, making music is not very easy because I am more of a DJ than a producer. I concentrate more on being DJ and not a massive producer. I need inspiration to make music.



Q4. You have different albums, different emotions and feelings to a record with different elements of the music barging in at every corner of your different record. So, what’s the story of Yellow Shoes and Mystic Sunsets on an individual level?

DJ Marky: Yellow Shoes started like… I was at home and I got a massive, big record collection. I’ve got 28,000 records. I buy records everyday to be honest! Basically, ton-loads of different stuff like Brazilian music, Samba Jazz, Jazz Funk, Disco and whatever. That’s where I started making a track with S.P.Y helped me a lot. Like he taught me how to use Abelton and I am really grateful to him. So, when he was teaching me to use Abelton I was at home and I have got this record. This record was from my dad’s collection and there was a piano sound in this collection, a beautiful tune. I think I played it at my Boiler Room set and at that time I was dating this girl from Australia. When the first time we went out she was wearing a these yellow shoes and the moment she came in I didn’t even see her. I just saw the Yellow Shoes. Just because I saw the shoes and there was a moment of flashback and she was looking nice of course. So I was pretty sure and she was a Graphic Designer and she did the cover.

It was just an idea!

I recorded a vocal at my house and sent it to S.P.Y and he was like this is really good. I was in Brazil at the time. So, I created the half of it and S.P.Y did the rest of it. Cuz that’s how we roll!

Coming to Mystic Sunsets

We were in Ibiza and S.P.Y said to me when I was listening to some Lounge kind of records. He got this really cool sample and he really liked it. I was like I like it but I don’t like it that much. HE started putting his ideas together and we started working on it profusely and it sounded brilliant. The name is just a name, you know JUST A NAME for this one.

The process to make music for me is that I need inspiration, if you tell me let’s make track now. I’ll say YEAH! LET’S DO THIS! But, we will go at the studio and I’ll not know what to do. You know, I need to have a inspiration and I need to be in a zone. That’s why I am more of a DJ than a producer. I am proud of it and I love to say that I am more of a DJ than a Producer. THAT’S MY PASSION.

Q5. How was the vibe here?

DJ Marky: It’s good!  I enjoy playing records, I enjoy being behind the decks, I enjoy when I see the turntables even at my house when my kid is like playing the video game or playing football at home. It makes me feel very happy. It touches my heart. I just love the turntables and I love to play for the people. And I wana show people my passion and how much love I got for music and for the turntables too.

Q6. Can we expect more Boiler Room sets in 2017? Your Boiler Room sets are consistently different when compared to each other.

DJ Marky: That one I did at Brazil was in my house. That’s my friend Monique Dardenne, she was representing Boiler Room Brazil at that time. As a Brazilian DJ, that set was one of my most famous sets. I wana do more, for me I’d do it every day. But it’s, up to them, you know hahaha

Q7. Any message for your fans and aspiring Drums N Bass artists in India?

DJ Marky: Just follow your heart! Don’t try to copy anyone, follow your heart. Do what you wana do, do what is in your heart. Don’t try to copy anyone. When me and one of my friends were making tunes together, we always tried to make tracks like English guys because we liked the sound, the vibe and stuff like that but we can’t just do it and we use to sound like shit. So we decided that we need to come up with something that we love and I went back home and I found some songs, some samples and rest is HISTORY.

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