Rave Rhapsody: Vh1 Supersonic Day 1 Music Experience

Vh1 Supersonic moved from the sandy, cool & breezy Candolim Beach in Goa to the green, beautiful and I was a bit disappointed when this announcement came in, but #superCREW being too super pulled off an amazing hassle free show with top notch artists, larger than life stages, perfectly balanced artists and stellar productions.

Nikhil Chinapa once told me at The Exchange conference in Mumbai that “It’s all about providing an unforgettable experience.”

I am not saying that till date he never did qualify to his own statement but this time in Pune, it was all just off the hook! 3 days at Gionee presents Vh1 Supersonic powered by Budweiser is something I have never experienced at any music fests till now (not even the 1st edition of Supersonic) and I like to think that I’ll never have an experience quite like that.

Vh1 SupersonicIt started off with Praveen Achary playing a mad set before Boris Brejcha coming in followed by Pearl and Eric Prydz. His music just blended in perfectly with the sunny afternoon and breezy winds blowing off on a green soft grassy grounds at Sonic Realm stage. Then, came the bossman of Fckng Serious record label Boris ‘The Joker’ Brejcha.



To be honest, the time slot given to him wasn’t fair provided to the position he is on, in the global dance music scene. I think I have never heard such a wonderful sundowner set! We got to chat with Boris ahead of his performance at Vh1 Supersonic, you can check it out here. From melodies to dark grim vocals; he played it all! In no time, sun was down with Boris’ veil of dark music. And, there there! Comes the gorgeous, Pearl. The mother of dance music scene in India, literally!

Pearl started off a journey… Her set was groovy and beautiful just like the lady herself! 😉 It’s always fun when Pearl is on the sets. For me, it has been a long long relationship with her DJ sets. This story to be told some other time 😋

Meanwhile, I hopped on from Sonic Realm to the Labortorie where innovations, ideas and ear bursting bass happens!

Dubphizix & Strategy blew the sky with some serious DnB at the Labortorie. Strategy was jamming live with some sick beats by Dubphizix. People went absolutely berserk over the tracks and this goes without saying there was a request by all the bass faces to drop ‘Buffalo Buffalo’ and Strat X Dub were in mood to become the raging..errr… I mean Rapping Buffalos.



Day 1 at Supersonic was amazing! I forgot about all the tensions in life, fuckups at work and life outside the festival. It was exactly what a raver fairy tale would look like. It was all about the music, positive vibes, energy, raving, lots and lots of dancing. So much looking forward to the next edition of Vh1 Supersonic.

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